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18 sep 2023 om 21:48 The food was OK, but it ttok tooo much to have it ready, even though the delivery itself it was fast.
12 sep 2023 om 8:38 Top eten
8 sep 2023 om 18:34 Zalige zelfgemaakte noedels / Delicious hand-Made noodles. Highly recommended!
26 aug 2023 om 22:45 Bijna 2 uur bezorgen. Koude food.
28 jul 2023 om 21:40 Good food, delivery not fast but it's Friday and they are the other side of Amsterdam. Note to the reviewer who complained the noodles were stuck together - that's how X'ian thick noodles are meant to be!
27 jul 2023 om 21:16 Noodles over cooked and all stuck together. Flavour was mid range.
22 jun 2023 om 18:34 Great
4 jun 2023 om 15:32 The very best
22 mei 2023 om 19:00 It took over 1,5 hrs for the food to arrive. The food is delicious but is this took way too long! Also arrived not very warm and the noodles all stuck together. The delivery was ok but I think this restaurant takes on more orders than they can handle
14 mei 2023 om 18:19 Food was more then an hour late. And not to warm
10 apr 2023 om 12:18 Ordered on a Sundaty at 20h and the restaurant took around 1h and 30 minutes to make the food. The food was okay, normal tasty, but not the best food I have ever had. However, the delivery guy was really quick to bring it, so no complains there.
27 mrt 2023 om 21:12 Eten viel tegen had er meer van verwacht na alle reviews, en filmpjes. Bezorging duurde lang en de bakjes hadden gelekt.